The Reel Assets Fishing team is seeking to secure a mutually beneficial business partnership with accredited companies and organizations seeking to increase their brand exposure. This is not limited to just in the saltwater fishing industry. It is a proven unique marketing opportunity that works by enhancing the visibility and image of the organization. Our pro fishing team gets quite a bit of exposure and attention! Our 33+ foot SeaHunter Tournament series boat is fully wrapped with our sponsors clearly listed on each side. This acts as a giant traveling billboard when traveling down the road and on the water. In addition, the professional jerseys also list all the sponsors. Our team has conducted fishing seminars, featured on television programs, radio programs, and magazines. Some fishing tournaments are even captured on the local television stations and the local news. We attend the boat shows, marine flea markets, other major events representing your organization.

Additionally, the Reel Assets Fishing Team is very connected on social media; we have thousands and thousands of followers and are very active.

For more information or to obtain the sponsorship package, please email us at team@reelassetsfishing.com.

Our Current Sponsors